Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Parfum d'Empire, what could be more fitting than revisiting the house's first iconic fragrance, Eau de Gloire? This new creation, EAU DE GLOIRE COLOGNE, is a cologne drenched in the warmth and radiance of the Corsican sun, capturing the essence of citrus fruits prized for their freshness and brilliance.

From the moment you experience EAU DE GLOIRE COLOGNE, you are transported to a sun-drenched paradise where the vibrant aromas of citrus fruits envelop your senses. This fragrance is a true celebration of citrus, infused with such precious quality that it sets itself apart from any other cologne on the market. An overdose of bitter orange, bergamot, and mandarin creates a sparkling and soaring effect, brightening the atmosphere with its invigorating presence.

Drawing inspiration from the Corsican maquis, EAU DE GLOIRE COLOGNE incorporates elements that evoke the island's rich and aromatic landscape. Laurel, reminiscent of Parfum d'Empire's horseshoe-shaped laurel crown, intertwines with the symbolic fragrance of incense, representing glory and triumph. The aromatic freshness of myrtle further enhances the olfactory journey, taking you on a sun-drenched cologne adventure that follows the path of those who have left the island to pursue their dreams.

The perfumer behind this exceptional creation shares their vision for EAU DE GLOIRE COLOGNE. They have masterfully crafted a cologne that goes beyond expectations, proving that a cologne can be both baroque and adorned with precious materials. With a desire to make the citrus fruits radiant and exquisitely bitter, this fragrance embodies the lightheartedness and optimism that mark the 20-year milestone of Parfum d'Empire.

Embark on a radiant journey through the Corsican sun with Parfum D'Empire EAU DE GLOIRE COLOGNE. Let the luminous citrus essences envelop you in their splendor, uplifting your spirits and carrying you to the idyllic landscapes of Corsica. Celebrate the legacy of Parfum d'Empire with this sun-kissed cologne that captures the essence of a fearless pursuit of dreams.

ZGO Team