Imagine strolling along the picturesque streets of Paris, captivated by the beauty of the Pont Mirabeau bridge as it stretches gracefully over the Seine. It is in this enchanting setting that Etat Libre d'Orange presents Sous Le Pont Mirabeau, a fragrance inspired by the poetry of Guillaume Apollinaire, the symbolic bridge, and the timeless romanticism of the city itself.

To truly capture the essence of the bridge's solid foundation and its enduring presence, Sous Le Pont Mirabeau intertwines notes of Cedar, Sandalwood, and Orcanox. These ingredients provide a sturdy and comforting base, reminiscent of the bridge's structural integrity, while adding depth and richness to the fragrance.

Drawing inspiration from the tragic love poem of Apollinaire, Sous Le Pont Mirabeau weaves a tale of passion and longing. Notes of Vanilla embrace the senses, evoking a sense of sweet desire, while muffled traces of Incense and Violet greens add an element of mystery and intrigue. The combination creates a beautifully balanced composition that echoes the emotional depth of Apollinaire's words.

As you sit alongside the Seine, the second longest river in Paris, your spirits intertwine with the aromatic symphony contained within the glass bottle of Sous Le Pont Mirabeau. The refreshing citrus notes of Bergamot dance delicately with the vibrant spiciness of Pink Pepper, while the velvety sweetness of Fig adds a touch of Mediterranean allure. This olfactory blend captures the essence of romanticism, transporting you to a moment of serenity and contemplation by the river's edge.

In the heart of the City of Lights, where the day gracefully transitions into twilight, Sous Le Pont Mirabeau invites you to embrace the beauty of a bridge, the power of a poem, and the allure of a perfume. It is a harmonious symphony of emotions, crafted to ignite the senses and awaken the romantic spirit within.

Fragrance Notes: Cedar, Sandalwood, Orcanox, Vanilla, Incense, Violet greens, Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Fig.

Indulge in the poetic romance of Paris with Etat Libre d'Orange Sous Le Pont Mirabeau. Let the fragrance transport you to the bridge that spans the Seine, where love, longing, and the beauty of the city intertwine. Surrender to the allure of this enchanting perfume and experience the magic of Parisian romance.

ZGO Team