Eris Parfums Mxxx. Extrait de Parfum



Mxxx. | “Eris Parfums’ Mxxx. pushes dark sensuality to a new limit. It includes specially sourced, tinctured, and aged Ambergris in a huge concentration; the rarely used animalic ingredient Pierre d’Afrique; and the richest and most refined Trinidad Cacao I’ve ever smelled, used for the first time in Mxxx. Surrender to its beauty!” – Antoine Lie, Perfumer, ALOE (Antoine Lie Olfactive Experience)

“If the ‘x’ in ERIS PARFUMS’ genderfluid fragrance Mx. marked the freedom to be who you want to be, the ‘triple x’ of Mxxx. Extrait de Parfum extends that invitation with the lights turned down low — and the animalic growl turned up.” — Barbara Herman, Founder & Creative Director, ERIS PARFUMS

ERIS PARFUMS, whose namesake is the Greek goddess of troublemaking and disruption, continues its celebration of unconventional beauty and subversive glamour with a new, limited edition fragrance, Mxxx. Extrait de Parfum.

Spicy, smoky, animalic and woody, Mxxx. has a massive 7% dose of natural specially tinctured, and ethically sourced Ambergris and Pierre d’Afrique (Africa Stone or Hyraceum).

Due to its rarity and cost, natural Ambergris — the aged and oxidized exudate from a sperm whale — is found largely in synthetic form in most perfumes listing it as an ingredient. At once sweet, earthy, marine, and animalic, natural Ambergris imparts a subtle but unmistakable glow to any elixir it joins, adding an ineffable warmth, coziness, roundness, and sensuality that you have to smell — and feel — to understand.

Mxxx. also features a sumptuous Cacao from Trinidad and Tobago used for the first time ever in a fragrance. Selected by both perfumer Antoine Lie and a French artisanal chocolatier for its dark, spicy character, the Cacao was processed by ERIS partner, independent haute perfumery lab L’Atelier Français des Matières (“AFDM,” The French Atelier of Materials) with its cocoa butter intact. This choice, along with the use of a green, organic solvent and AFDM’s ultrasound technology extraction at a low temperature, results in a Cacao with its full spectrum of aromatic molecules.

TOP: Madagascan Blue Ginger, Mace (CO2 extraction), Saffron, Ethiopian Olibanum, Pink Peppercorn
HEART: Trinidad Cacao (ultrasound extraction), Virginia Cedarwood, Sandalwood
BASE: Haitian Vetiver, Indonesian Patchouli, Laotian Benzoin, Castoreum, 7% Natural Ambergris, Pierre d'Afrique (Hyraceum), Madagascan Green Vanilla (ultrasound extraction)

  • Extrait de Parfum


Fragrance Notes

Ginger, Saffron, Olibanum, Sandalwood, Pink Pepper, Vetiver, Patchouli, Cedar, Benzoin, and Castoreum,


Soft Amber


Antoine Lie


Extrait de Parfum

Year Released




Eris Parfums

Eris Parfums is a niche perfume brand known for its unconventional and artistic approach to fragrance creation. Founded in 2016 by Barbara Herman, Eris Parfums takes inspiration from vintage glamour and the dark side of human nature to craft unique and thought-provoking scents. Each fragrance tells a story, exploring themes like rebellion, seduction, and inner turmoil through the medium of scent. Eris Parfums uses only the finest quality ingredients and works with master perfumer Antoine Lie to create each fragrance. The brand’s perfumes are made in small batches in France and are designed to be long-lasting and complex. With bold and daring compositions that challenge conventional ideas of what perfume should be, Eris Parfums is a must-try for anyone looking to explore the artistic side of fragrance.


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