Akro Smoke Eau de Parfum



SMOKE | Smoke is inspired by the pleasure of the first drag of a cigarette, which is consumed as quickly as it is born.

Smoke: it's a scent that splits us down the middle, the ultimate acquired taste. It might not be for everyone - but for those who are pulled in by it’s taboo aroma, it’s the abiding scent of the best times of our lives; first kisses, last dances, 5am enlightenments, after parties and mornings after. It’s the scent you’re not supposed to like, but the one you can’t forget.

TOP: Balkans Tobacco Leaves , Cade
MIDDLE: Nicotine
BASE: Benjoin , Tonka Bean

  • 100ml Eau de Parfum


Fragrance Notes

Tobacco, Benzoin, and Tonka Bean,


Dry Woods


Olivier Cresp


Eau de Parfum

Year Released




Akro Fragrances

Akro, a distinguished perfume house, offers a unique olfactory experience that transcends traditional floral and fruity scents. Embracing the concept that addictions and vices can be transformed into captivating fragrances, Akro delves into the world of unconventional aromas. Their creations include the bitter essence of morning espresso, the smoky notes of bourbon, the distinctive scent of hashish, and the sharp aroma of a post-coital cigarette. Akro's fragrances are a bold blend of unusual elements like warm leather, black coffee, top-shelf whiskey, dark chocolate, sticky weed, and strong absinthe, reflecting a daring approach to perfumery. The inception of Akro traces back to its founder, Anaïs Cresp, whose experiences in London's Ladbroke Grove inspired her. Surrounded by diverse scents from flower stalls, coffee houses, charcoal grills, and the leather and whiskey of Irish pubs, Anaïs envisioned capturing these distinct aromas in perfume bottles. This vision led to the collaboration with her father, Olivier Cresp, a master perfumer renowned for his work on fragrances like Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue and Mugler’s Angel. Together, they embarked on a journey to bring Akro to life. Rooted in the streets of Ladbroke Grove, the heart of Akro's inspiration, the brand pays homage to the area's rich cultural tapestry. From Trellick Tower to Portobello Market, and the vibrant music scene, Akro's creations encapsulate the essence of this dynamic neighborhood. This innovative perfume house caters to those who seek to express their individuality through bold and unconventional scents, capturing the essence of indulgence and the allure of the forbidden.


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