Our perfumes of desires, ceramics, and literary as well as photographic declensions were conceived in strict secrecy between Grasse, Limoges, Paris and New York. Made in France.
Our perfumes are not tested on animals and are Aluminum-free, Formaldehyde-free, Gluten-free, Mineral oil-free, Paraben-free, SLS-free, Silicone-free, Soap-free and Sulphate-free. Our alcohol is certified organic.

For any press request, please write to hello@frontrowparis.com & presse@slm.paris
To reach out to us : lovers@slm.paris
Photo credits: Ksenija Kurs (current carte blanche), Mara Gunja (carte blanche Spring 2021 featuring Inna Zuk and Francesco Piccinin), Alicia Bertomeu (carte blanche 2020 with Yanran Xiong) Kanak Guo (carte blanche 2018), Pascal Périch (carte blanche 2016). Credits film teaser: Pascal Périch (film), Olivier Souchard (voice), Felix Bransbourg (music).
Literary Credits: Olivia Bransbourg, Florient Azoulay and Alexandre Helwani. Translations texts from Florient Azoulay into English: Homa Zarghamee and Nicolas Anderson.
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Prologue | Since the ancient times, the recipes of love potions were secretly preserved. Ancient formulas and centuries-old legends, they were meant to create desire that the other one could not resist. In the 19th century, these potions were recorded in pharmaceutical books and discovered in 2016 by sous le

Values |
Authentic 19th century love potions found in original official books.
Made in France/ Excellence in all details. Collaboration with great artists & distribution through unique venues often undercover. For men & women.

Sous le Manteau