Step into a world of opulence and allure with Francesca Bianchi's masterpiece, Byzantine Amber. This fragrance captures the essence of a magnificent civilization in the twilight of its glory, evoking the grandeur and mystique of Byzantium. Like the gilded mosaics adorning ancient walls, Byzantine Amber exudes a rich complexity that intertwines the vibrant and the weathered, the radiant and the enigmatic. Prepare to embark on a sensory journey through time as we delve into the decadent layers of this captivating perfume.

The Fragrance: 

Byzantine Amber opens with a captivating embrace of bergamot, its zesty notes dancing on the skin like golden sunbeams. As the fragrance unfolds, a warm and spicy veil of cinnamon envelops the senses, infusing the composition with a regal allure. The heart of the fragrance reveals the rich floral accents of geranium, adding depth and sophistication.

The true essence of Byzantine Amber emerges in its base notes, where the fragrance takes on a sumptuous and mystical character. Benzoin and labdanum create a velvety smoothness that is reminiscent of ancient resins, while frankincense adds an ethereal touch, transporting us to the sacred rituals of Byzantine cathedrals. As the fragrance lingers on the skin, a sensuous blend of leather, styrax, and ambergris emerges, leaving a trail of intrigue and elegance.


Francesca Bianchi's Byzantine Amber is an olfactory masterpiece that captures the essence of a great civilization in its twilight. Its harmonious blend of citrus, spices, resins, and precious woods creates a captivating and decadent experience that resonates with the splendor of Byzantium. Immerse yourself in the opulence of Byzantine Amber and embark on a journey through time, where golden brightness intertwines with worn beauty, and the echoes of a magnificent era linger in the air. Let this fragrance envelop you in its regal embrace and transport you to the realm of timeless allure.

ZGO Team